What to Pack when Camping with Pets

If you want to have fun on your camping trip with your pet, then you can’t just worry about packing your own things! You also need to know what to bring along to make the experience enjoyable for your pet. So, let’s get into what to pack when camping with pets.

Covering dietary needs

When discussing what to pack when camping with pets, you must start with food and treats. Your pet, just like you, will get hungry and thirsty. Or even want special treats at times! And while camping can improve your mental well-being and bring you closer to your pet, that won’t happen if they are starving and cranky. Of course, ensure that the food and treats you bring don’t spoil quickly. Prioritize long-lasting and hardy pet foods; make sure they are still tasty! This is still an excellent rule to follow even if you are only planning to spend a single day camping since you never know how the weather will affect food stuff which spoils more easily.

Pet food
Dried food is one of the best choices.

Bring along simple medical supplies

Pets get in trouble when camping even more often than humans do. There will be tons of new stuff they want to see and explore, and not all of it will be safe. Plants, of course, are just one of the things that can cause skin irritation or allergic reactions. A much more severe concern is bugs. And we’re not talking about ticks and fleas here! Pets love to chase after little insects, and cats and dogs tend to chew on bugs whether they should or not. This means you need a pet first-aid kit and to look into how to pack camping equipment to ensure it stays safe! If they get their paws on a particularly nasty hornet and eat it, they’d suffer from both stings and having the poison in their system.

A place for your pet to sleep

Regarding sleeping arrangements, you have two choices when discussing what to pack when camping with pets. First, you can bring a tent roomy enough for you and your pet. This is preferable since you will have your eyes on them the entire time and minimize the risk of losing them in the wilderness. And pets can help campers deal with some of the common camping fears too! The second option is getting your pet a sleeping bag or mat and letting them sleep outside. However, we repeat that this means they could wander off or even get stolen.

Keep track of your pet

It would help if you had a way to track your pet when they’re outside and playing consistently. Some people prefer long leads, which still let their pets enjoy themselves while keeping them close. Another option would be a collar equipped with a light. Of course, the light is not too bright, but it will still let you watch your pet, even in the middle of the night. This might be the superior option since you likely do not want to spend your entire camping trip holding onto your dog.

Never forget poop bags

If you are camping out in the middle of nowhere, then poop bags might not be required. However, most camping trips are organized to well-established and commonly used camping spots. This means you are almost guaranteed to have neighbours. Neighbours won’t appreciate dealing with your pet’s poop all over the campsite. Just as you would show consideration for other people in an urban environment, do the same when on a camping trip.

Keep things fun

Of course, when discussing what to pack when camping with pets, it is impossible, not to mention toys! Just because you are in nature and there is a lot to explore doesn’t mean your pet won’t be interested in playing with you. If anything, they’d be even more up for some play. If you own a dog, you absolutely can’t miss out on bringing a frisbee or a fetch ball. And even cats appreciate various types of toys they can chase after or play maul. Just as you would when moving abroad with pets, like moving from the US to Ireland to make Ireland your home, you want to bring something along that your pets can enjoy, especially if they have a favourite toy that they insist on always having with them!

Pets need entertainment, too!

Protective equipment

Some pets, particularly some breeds of dogs, are well out of their preferred environments. This means that taking them on a camping trip could result in paw injuries or even hypothermia if it is particularly cold outside and their breed is not equipped to deal with it. So, just as you need to look for camping equipment that will make the experience truly safe and enjoyable, your pets need some protection, too. At the very least, invest in some pet shoes and warm clothing.

Cleanup supplies

Your pets will get dirty when camping. Very, very dirty. So, when listing out what to pack when camping with pets, cleaning supplies have got to be on the list. Even if you don’t want to bring along an entire grooming kit, there are two things that are essential. Towels and wet wipes! Just these two things will do wonders for keeping your pet clean. They will also come in handy when your enthusiastic pet barges into your tent with evidence of their trip outside all over their coat and paws.

Final comment

Now that you are more familiar with what to pack when camping with pets, you’ll be able to prepare well. Just remember: if you don’t think you can properly cover your pet’s needs during a camping trip, then it’s best to find a friend to look after them or leave them at daycare. There’s no need to endanger them just to bring them with you.

Check out our guide on what to pack when camping with pets so you can ensure that both you and your pet can fully enjoy your outdoor trip!