The Importance of the Right Sleeping Bag in Freezing Temperatures

a girl in a sleeping bag in the snow.

It’s not easy to find a suitable sleeping bag. There are many options and different features to consider: down or synthetic, mummy or rectangular, temperature rating, lightweight, and packable. After a long day of outdoor exploration, a good night’s sleep is the most essential (and fundamental) purpose of any sleeping bag. So how do you choose the right sleeping bag in freezing temperatures, and how vital is the temperature rating? You’ll find all the answers in today’s article, which will help you select the right sleeping bag for your needs.

The Importance of the Right Sleeping Bag in Freezing Temperatures

Comfortable and restful sleep for the vast majority of people depends on maintaining a temperature that’s neither too warm nor too cool. The last thing anybody wants is to be too cold or too hot when they awake in the middle of the night. That’s why we at the  Outdoor Adventure Store are always here with the best suggestions. For camping trips in freezing areas, you don’t want to bring the wrong gear.

Many people wonder how important a sleeping bag is for their camping trip. If you want a short answer – it’s essential. However, as with most things in life, finding the greatest option possible entails considering a variety of criteria and incorporating your tastes. Before attempting this, you’ll need to know the fundamentals of how sleeping bags’ temperature ratings are determined.

 people hiking in freezing cold and setting up tents
The most important thing for a good hike in the winter is a good sleeping bag.

Choosing the right temperature rating and material

When you go camping, one of the first things you need to do is to make a list of things you will bring. Therefore, while packing for a camping trip, you can make a checklist to make sure you bring everything you need. And maybe the most important thing is a suitable sleeping bag. High-quality sleeping bags often utilize either goose down or Climashield APEX for insulation. Which one is best for you will depend mainly on the weather and how long your excursions often are. Compared to goose-down, duck-down is often more affordable. But Primaloft provides more warmth per weight than APEX, but it must be sewn through to be durable. This is why you’ll find more APEX in sleeping bags with larger panels, and Primaloft is often used in garments with tiny panels and checkered patterns. Avoid using a sleeping bag made with cotton fill. They are best suited for glamping or hostels.

Why should you pick a down sleeping bag?

Ducks and geese, among other birds, develop down as part of their feathery plumage. When compared to regular feathers, the texture of down is very refined. Its spherical shape also traps a considerable quantity of air between its filaments. Though lower in weight, synthetic padding does not compare to the warmth provided by down cushioning. Down is more pleasant to sleep oneasier to transport, and longer-lasting than synthetic insulation. The increased popularity of down sleeping bags for multi-day backpacking expeditions is partially due to this fact.

a man on a hike with a backpack and sleeping bag with him
Consider down sleeping bags when you go to choose the right sleeping bag in freezing temperatures.

The fill power and the number of cubic inches displaced by one ounce serve as measures of its quality. Increasing the fill power means using less down to provide the same degree of warmth. This means you can achieve the same level of warmth with a smaller and lighter sleeping bag. When compressed, the difference in size between 600 fill power and 800+ fill power is around 25%. Down’s main drawback is that it becomes much less effective as an insulator when wet or even merely damp from extended usage in wet, rainy, or humid environments. This is why you should get a specific kind of down sleeping bag. The hydrophobic down! But no matter which one you pick, ensure you always have a first aid kit with you. Accidents can happen while camping, and it’s always good to be prepared.

Hydrophobic down is best for extreme cold

Hydrophobic down is just regular down feathers that have been treated with a hydrophobic material. Simply spraying down feathers with DWR creates this treatment. Most importantly, this process doesn’t damage the sleeping bag. The advantages are well-known; firstly, drying time for hydrophobic down is much faster. And secondly, if your sleeping bag becomes wet in the rain or a river, don’t worry about its effectiveness; it will work even better when moist. Hydrophobic down is best for mountain survival. Some people fear spraying may reduce the item’s durability or ability to bounce back after being punctured. We’ve seen a temporary drop in fill power after spraying, but no conclusive proof that it has any lasting effects. So you really won’t have much to worry about.

How to select the right sleeping bag for you?

  • Be sure to inspect the insulation material of the bag. As a bonus to keeping you warm, the insulation should also be watertight.
  • Verify that the bag has proper stitching. Both ends should overlap for a sturdy stitch. Inadequate stitching might cause the bag to rip, letting cold air through and rendering it unusable. The quality of the bag extends to the zipper.
  • Because you’ll be toting it about with you, choose a bag made of lightweight materials.
  • Make sure you feel comfortable in it.
  • Get the right temperature rating. There are typically four temperature classifications. Choose a sleeping bag that works for you and the climate you’re visiting. Comfort levels for men and women are different, so be sure to check both the temperature rating and the gender specificity.
  • Inspect the bag’s dimensions and form for accuracy. Pick a bag that fits your height, weight, and shoe size.
  • Finally, have a look at the cost of the sleeping bag. For your comfort and good health, invest in a high-quality sleeping bag at a reasonable price.
a man in a sleeping bag
Make sure you select the right size and shape for yourself.


Choosing the right sleeping bag in freezing temperatures is one of the most crucial things when camping in winter. We advise you not to save money on your sleeping bag since it could even save your life if the weather gets rough. We hope you’ll have a pleasant experience on your next hiking trip. Good luck!

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