Seven of the best Christmas gifts to wow the active woman in your life

This Christmas, that outdoor active woman will really appreciate a gift that goes on giving as she spends time on her favourite trailblazing adventure.   At Outdoor Adventure Store, we are pleased to stock a wide range of gift ideas for those intrepid ‘wild-wimmin’ who enjoy hiking, backpacking, camping, kayaking, snowshoeing, sea swimming, mountain biking and all other trailblazing adventure you care to mention.  Here are seven of the best gift ideas for the active ladies.

Multi Tools

A welcome, quirky and useful Christmas present for anyone who enjoys outdoor life, a multi-tool will fast become an essential part of all the upcoming outdoor adventures.   For the more adventurous ladies, the Squirt PS4 multi-tool is among our best-selling items which is a discreet keychain size but packs far above its diminutive size in terms of usefulness, durability and clever innovation.  While it slips nicely into a corner of her backpack, it will fast become one of her most favoured items.  This is from the Leatherman range of multi-tools that comprise sets with attachments from bottle openers to wire-cutters and knives to rulers.  Check out the choice and be prepared for some ‘gift envy.’

Head Torch

Head torches are the best invention ever!  An absolute must for hiking, camping, trekking, fishing, and for daily life. Reading in bed, working outside at night and all types of winter activity.  Having your hands free on dangerous terrain is a must and in the days around Christmas, when daylight is at its lowest level, a head torch is a brilliant present for the busy woman.


 Sock it to her. Socks. Traditionally the go-to ‘I cannot think of anything else’ gift for men, socks are not what they used to be.  A good soft, quick drying, hiking sock engineered for comfort and fit is a must for any serious hikers/trekkers.  Soft Merino wool blends, flat toe seams with extra zonal padding is the type of innovation that has lifted the gift of a well-crafted hiking sock to the top spot for  ‘stocking fillers’, if you will excuse the pun. Find a wide range of socks here:   

Base Layer Clothing

Whether walking, cycling or taking part on any other outdoor activity, a base layer acts like a ‘second skin’.  Base layers give a layer of warmth yet they absorb and evaporate any perspiration and keep the wearer feeling warm and comfortable. There is a variety of base layer clothing to choose from but every piece will absolutely be a welcome warm hug to the wearer. Check out this Helly Hansen set.


Decent rainwear is an investment. Not just an investment in a quality piece of clothing, but an investment in all the future walks, hikes and treks that will be enjoyed all the more as she is  protected from the elements while being comfortable and stylish.  Chose a Gore-Tex breathable waterproof hiking jacket in a snazzy colour and look forward to those post New Year walks. Jackets designed specifically for the female body shape will bring a smile on Christmas morning that will extend right through miles of trekking through snow showers and windy walks.

Trekker Chair

For the outdoor woman who already has it all, there is the unique luxury of her very own trekker chair. This 10oz of portable seating creates a comfy place to rest and recover after a long day hiking. The elastic sleeve edges stretch to fit both the NeoAir and self-inflating pads.    It is lightweight, completely portable and is guaranteed to induce seat-envy in all. Suitable for all outdoor activities, including climbing, fishing and backpacking.


You know what she likes but don’t know exactly what she needs.  Give a gift voucher and let her choose the perfect gift for herself from our wide range of stock. Vouchers are available online and instore.