Fun Camping Gift Ideas for Kids

If your children love the outdoors, it is an excellent idea to take them camping. It can be a unique way to make lasting memories and entertain the whole family. There are so many things your kids can do while camping that they might not be allowed otherwise. This is what makes the experience all the more enticing. However, if your little ones are less than thrilled by the prospect of camping, create incentives with some fun gifts. Read on to learn about fun camping gift ideas for kids that will get them super excited for outdoor adventures.

Start with the basics—the sleeping bag

What evokes the idea of camping more than a sleeping bag? Even if you have a fancy tent, a sleeping bag is still a must. There are so many to choose from nowadays. They come in child sizes and can be insulated for extra warmth and coziness. You can pick your kids’ favorite colors, cartoon characters, or pretty much any pattern that comes to mind. If they can pick it out themselves, it will be an even more thrilling experience. This way, they can get excited about the camping trip and have something they personally picked for the occasion.

One of the fun camping gift ideas for kids – a hiking backpack

Another excellent thing that they can shop for with you either online or in-store. Backpacks are kids’ favorites for any occasion. If you get them a special one for camping—they will love it. Backpacks also come in many colors and patterns.

Moreover, it is super practical to have one while camping. Your kids can store their snacks, toys, and water, which will come in handy when you are all on a hike. The backpacks will also be something they are personally responsible for, giving them a sense of importance. Also, you will not have to carry everything yourself, which is always a plus.

A tent is a great way to get your kids excited about camping

We all know camping includes tents—which is already pretty cool—but did you know that tents come in kids’ sizes too? Now that is something no child can resist. They will have their fun and privacy away from the parents, and what kid does not like that? Once you buy kids’ tents, you can practice camping in your backyard. It is a great way to prepare if your kids are not used to sleeping outside before taking the actual trip. They will know what to expect and also get to try out their new cool sleeping bags.

A boy and a girl laughing and reading in a tent

A kid-sized tent will be loads of fun for your children.

Walkie-talkies are a great gift for kids and parents

If your children do not already have walkie-talkies, you have to get them. This is one of the best camping gift ideas for kids. They can have endless fun playing with these. Test them out around the house to ensure they work properly. You will also be able to check the range this way. When you ultimately go camping, you will know what to expect and how far to let your kids wander off. The walkie-talkies are also an excellent tool for parents. You will be able to track down your kids and communicate with them easily while they are running around. For additional safety on your family camping trip, get the ones with an emergency alarm system.

Nifty camping sets for children

They come in many variations, from bug-catching sets to safari hunting and exploring. They also come in different sizes, and you would be surprised how detailed and expansive they can get for a fairly low price. Camping sets make for great gift ideas for kids as they can contain binoculars, compasses, magnifying glasses, whistles, and many more pieces. It can be a great learning experience for your children as they explore the world.   

A girl looking through a magnifying glass at red berries in nature­

One of the fun camping gift ideas for kids is a camping set that your little ones will adore.

What to do with the equipment after camping?

If all the camping gifts for kids got you excited, you might have gone a bit overboard. Remember that all those lovely things need to be put away after the camping trip is over. Your family might be a great fan of the outdoors, but it is not that easy to organize camping as frequently as you would like. In the meantime, you will need to store and take care of the equipment. This can be another excellent opportunity to get your kids involved and teach them how to take care of their things. All their items should be their responsibility so that they appreciate their value more in the future. Once you are done with your camping trip, you want to make sure to follow a few simple steps.

  1. Dry your camping equipment. Lots of pieces may go unnoticed and cause issues later on. If you folded your tents at the campsite, you might not have noticed that they were not completely dry. It is essential to take care of this as mold could form if unattended, and you might lose your precious tents.
  2. Wash your sleeping bags. They may seem clean but let’s face it—camping trips do not come with a shower. Throw them in the washer and dry them afterward. This way, they will be clean and ready to use next time you go camping. You can also buy a sleeping bag liner that will help to keep your sleeping bag clean. Simply wash the liner after use and this will stop the need to wash the sleeping bag.
  3. Store your equipment in vacuum pack bags. All those large tents and sleeping bags can fit nicely in a vacuum pack bag and you can save so much space this way.

Have a fun camping trip

Hopefully, these camping gift ideas for kids inspired you to start shopping and get ready for an adventure with your family. Remember that most camping gifts for kids can be inexpensive, and you can get plenty of fantastic equipment even if you are on a budget. Your kids will have a blast exploring the outdoors, and you will create a terrific activity for many years to come.

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