7 Free and Essential Apps that you need for Traveling the World

essential apps for travelling

Zoe off the Road!

Our Zoe Kinsella  headed off on her very own Outdoor Adventures! 

Unfortunately, that adventure was cut short by the Covid-19 Pandemic.  This is her last blog from the road and a list of all the Apps that we will need when we get back on the road again. For now, you have the  time to look at the wistfully and make plans for the future!

Welcome Back Zoe.

Going traveling? Download these free travel apps before you jet off!

With so many apps available out there for both Android and iPhones, how can we know which ones are worth the space they consume on our smartphones especially when every megabyte counts these days? Before I set off on my travels I had no idea of the array of travel apps that were available to me. Check out these 7 FREE travel apps that will have you wondering how you ever travelled before without them.

Essential Apps for Travelling the World

1. XE Currency Exchange

There are plenty of currency conversion apps out there, however, XE Currency is at the top of its league. Choose whatever currencies you’d like to convert between and the one you’d like to use right now. Select an amount and the equivalent will show in all of the other currencies you selected. You only need an internet connection initially to download rates when you first select a currency and after that, you can use offline. 

2. Google Translate

Probably one of the handiest apps you’ll download for your trip. Not all areas we travel to are used to tourists so they might not speak English.  Google translate is the perfect travel companion. You can download a language pack ahead of time and use it without needing to be connected to the internet. Simply type in what you are looking to say, choose your language and off you go. You can also take a photo, handwrite and voice record words or phrases to be translated. 

3. Google Maps

Where would we be without Google Maps? By far the best mobile navigation app available, you’ll find yourself using it daily, especially while you travel. Although you’ll need an internet connection to find new locations you can save maps for later use while offline. Google Maps allows you to star locations so while you’re out and about you can pull up your offline map using the GPS signal in your phone and see your starred locations. 

4. Trip Advisor

If you are like me and you love to read and also leave reviews of accommodations and attractions, then you just have to download the TripAdvisor app. The app is much more than a place to leave reviews. It provides all of the information available about accommodation, restaurants, activities, and flights. Its forums include information about worldwide destinations and different travel themes such as bargains, business, weddings, ecotourism and so much more. 

You can book through the app and also save what you like for later use.

5. Booking.com

Similar to TripAdvisor, Booking.com allows you to book accommodation at the lowest price. You receive further discounts and perks the more you use it too. Booking.com helps you make the most of your trip from finding great deals, renting cars, booking airport transfers, reading reviews and also supplying travel articles to help you make the most of your trip. 

6. Rome2Rio

Traveling can be daunting and no matter how much research you do you can often feel lost. Rome2Rio is one of the best apps I have learnt about while on the road.  Simply pop in your starting location and your intended destination, and it will pull up all of the different routes with times and pricing. The app highlights which routes they recommend. The fastest and the cheapest too! When traveling as a backpacker you can be in a different country every other week if you wanted so this app is a lifesaver in helping you get from place to place efficiently. 

7. Hopper

Who doesn’t love to bag a bargain when booking flights? That trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to cost a fortune and usually the most expensive thing is the flights. Here’s where Hopper comes in. Pop in where you are flying from and to, choose the number of passengers and Hopper will let you know what dates are the cheapest to fly on. You can also choose to watch a trip, so it will notify you when prices have gone up or down and will advise you on the best time to buy. 

Traveling the world and seeing new places is exciting but it can also be a bit scary and intimidating.  Help yourself out and download these apps so that nothing will stand between you and your perfect trip!